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TAX RELATED Services :
Our twenty five years of public accounting experience has allowed us to develop the skills needed to handle a wide spectrum of tax issues in a diverse array of industries.

Tax Preparation
Preparation of accurate and timely tax returns is of utmost importance to us. We believe our role, as tax preparer, is to inform our clients of the various pertinent regulations, their limits and opportunities with the aim to minimize the overall tax liability.

Tax Planning
While tax return preparation defines the process of reporting what transpired, we believe that appropriate planning and careful analysis of options over a several year period can further minimize taxes and maximize tax savings opportunities. We work closely with our client’s legal counsel and other financial advisors to develop logical, cost effective and useable tax strategies. We have provided services to the following types of entities :
Corporations – C, S & PC
Partnerships – General, Limited, Limited Liability Limited
LLC’s – Partnership & Corporate
Trusts – Simple & Complex
Joint Ventures
We can povide compilation, review or audit services depending on the client’s individual needs and requirements. We have the ability to process client financial data on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis from original documents or summary information and prepare compiled financial statements or speciliazed management reports as required. We can also assist in evaluating and interpreting the financial results for management.

Review or audit services are also available to assist our clients in complying with banking and bonding covenants, government regulations or investor requests.

We can tailor a financial statement reporting service to meet your needs.

A sampling of the industries for which we provide financial statement services include :
Medical Service
Government Special Districts – Water and Fire
Construction / Real Estate
CIRCA’s (Homeowner, Condominiums, Cooperative Associations)
Business Start-up
We believe establishing sound financial systems at the onset of a business’ life will enhance the success of the business and give it an edge on its competition. Selecting the appropriate entity type in which to operate the business and establishing an appropriate chart of accounts and accounting controls are absolutely critical.
Cash Flow Modeling
Operating and capital budgets, as well as cash flow modeling, are critical to a business’ success. Over the years, we have developed spreadsheets to assist our clients in putting their plans and projections into a format which allows them to assess and challenge the accuracy and reasonableness of their plans and assumptions.
Compensation Planning
Cash and equity compensation issues have increasing become the norm in both upstart and well established businesses. We can provide advice on developing current and deferred compensation plans for our clients.
Succession Planning
We assist our business clients with the complex and sometimes painful process of owner/management succession. Creative solutions to meet the needs of all parties involved can be developed using our experience with helping other clients make the transition.
Litigation Support
We can assist our clients, insurers or legal counsel in various areas of Litigation support, including :
Economic Loss Analysis
Business interruption implications
Business owner / partner disputes
Divorce Proceedings
Wrongful Death Evaluations
Other Services
We also provide the following – Surrogate controller services; Fraud / Embezzlement Investigations and Forensic Accounting and Auditing Services.

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